Since I was 9 years old I have been in love with nail polish, by the time I started painting my own nails. By the age of 10 I had mixed nail polishes to obtain new colors, since in those times the colors were not very diversified. I wanted different things, unique colors, and spent hours of my day mixing nail polishes. It was my favorite joke!

Throughout my life the nail polishes were my main hobby, my passion, my distraction. With the internet age, I met others enamored with nail polishes from all over the world! I began to interact with them, and to see the wonders that other cultures produced in this branch and in nail art. That's how I discovered "indie polishes". Nail polishes made by nail polish lovers like me! They were not ordinary nail polishes, they were true works of art on bottles! I was delighted to remember my childhood, when I also made my special nail polishes.

That's when the idea came back to make my own nail polish. But this time with the professional experience, the facilities of adult life and the immense range of possibilities that the technology in cosmetics has brought to this wonderful world of colored bottles in those years that have come from here to here! How much art the new age brought to our nails!

This is what I propose with Penelope Luz, to make nail polish art, with the passion of someone who loves to create them and who has always loved them.

Nail Polishs used in the photo: Born to Love - Penélope Luz
Lipstick used in the photo: Bruna - Linha Bruna Tavares

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